Park Avenue lighting has the hands on experience that runs from evaluating lighting systems, testing them, managing their installations, and maintaining them for the long term in most Midwestern cites, and calculation the costs and cost savings experienced with your new LED system. Our extensive project management experience includes designing and managing the construction of both public and private utility projects. As an independent consultant, we can help you make informed decisions about your lighting systems and upgrades every step of the way, from evaluating your current system, to designing an LED upgrade solution, to its implementation. We help with the little details like choosing between the wide array of lights and fixtures on today's every changing markets. We look forward to helping you on any level you need.


The LED Lighting Professionals

    For over 11 years we have been working in the LED lighting field. From roll-out of the first city-wide LED conversion in the USA, and one of the largest in the world, we have been involved in all aspects of the growth of the LED lighting field. 
    As recipients of the 2010 Energy Globe International Award for LED lighting on the streets of Ann Arbor to assisting local shop owners as the try to protect their precious jewelry, we are your LED lighting specialists.
    Whether you are looking for a light for your office, home or parking lot, we have the product for you. We offer many products that are built in the USA, along with other high-quality products from manufacturers around the world. Offering a broad range of prices to fit your every need.